Artificial insemination is the technique used to impregnate a female dog without that dog having intercourse. First semen is collected from a male dog and then it is placed into a female dog’s reproductive tract while she is fertile. This, hopefully, will result in the sperm penetrating the female's egg, and producing an embryo. This procedure should only be done by trained professionals

Steps that should be followed:

Determine whether or not to use artificial insemination

Evaluate the male dog for suitability for breeding

Evaluate the female dog for suitability for breeding (check the levels of progesterone)

Collecting Semen From the Male Dog

Have the semen evaluated (make use of a microscope to see the health of sperm)

Chill or freeze semen that it not used immediately

Make sure the female dog is in the correct stage of her estrus cycle (regular swabs should be taken to test for ovulation)

Insert the semen into the female dog's cervic

Keep the dog standing after the semen is inserted


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