Humans are not the only ones that can battle with dental hygiene.  Pets if not given regular teeth brushing and chew items can develop tooth decay.  If left untreated this can lead to more serious complications.  The benefits of routine dental hygiene is reduced bad breath, better overall heath and increased longevity.
By three years of age most dogs and cats will have mild to moderate dental disease which would benefit from dental scaling and polishing.  If left untreated the animal could need dental extractions later in life, suffer from gum infections and can suffer from pain and discomfort.
Most dental treatments are done under anesthesia where the animal will come in during the morning and then leave in the afternoon.  Anesthesia is recommended so that the animal will remain still and not cause themselves injury with the sharp dental equipment.  It is recommended that a pet eat soft food for a few days after dental treatment for comfort.  After the dental treatment it is advised that teeth brushing be done regularly and a pellet diet be fed long term.


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