Our doctors make use of Backhome Microchips manufactured by Virbac. 
They are cost effective with a once off payment and reliable as they are encapsulated in a parylene “tissue friendly” material which reduces migration of the chip. 
The microchip can be implanted with minimal discomfort to the animal as Backhome has manufactured a chip that is 33% smaller than other microchips on the market.  Pets of all sizes can have a microchip implanted and even our reptile and feathered friends can be chipped.
All owner details are recorded on a database which pet owners have access to in order to keep their details up to date.
How it works… Microchipping helps your pet if they get lost and get picked up and taken to a vet or welfare.  They can be immediately scanned for a chip.  If ones pet has a chip it will bring up a number up on a scanner.  The vet will phone Backhome with the chip number and Backhome then release the owner details.  The vet can then get in touch immediately and prevent further stress to owner and pet.


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