Please take note of the following after surgery instructions should be followed:

  • He/she had general anesthesia today and might not be interested in food tonight.  Offer something tasty like small amount of cooked chicken or soft tin food like Hills a/d.

  • He/she has to be kept still and indoors for the next 5 days.  This implies slow walks on a leash and no ball throwing or running.

  • No swimming or bath until the sutures are removed.  

  • He/she should not lick or bite the sutures.  If so, come back to get a buster collar form us, otherwise he/she might get an infection or we will have to replace the sutures.

(Re-suture will be charged for)

  • The sutures must be removed 14 days after the operation.

  • He/She did receive medication for pain control today but may have medication to take home.


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