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News feed from MSD the manufacturers of Bravecto

Dear Valued Bravecto® Supporter,

It is extraordinary to think that Bravecto® was launched to pet owners in August 2014 in South Africa and is now 5 years old! It is thanks to you and your support that over the last 5 years, Bravecto® has grown to the number 1 animal health product in South Africa as well as globally, with more than 100 million doses sold in 85 countries around the world.

We have seen the effects of the extraordinary protection that Bravecto® has brought to South African dogs by the major reduction in babesiosis cases as well as the positive impact the product has given to dogs suffering from severe mange infections. We continue to do additional studies and a recent one has shown 100% prevention of tapeworm in dogs.

We are proud that this year we could grow the Bravecto® family by allowing our feline patients to also enjoy extended tick and flea protection by launching Bravecto® Spot-On for Cats, and by having an option that now provides even longer protection for dogs with Bravecto® Spot-On for Dogs.

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